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Brand’s soul


Founded and based in The Nederlands since 2012, the project of the 12 knots jewelry is inspired to evoke tribal values where handcrafted process is the core of the concept — with a sense of love, friendship and joy — the designer tries to strive to manifest with her collections meaningful pieces by mixing gold, silver, stones, fine fabrics and sustainable products with a timeless touch of style.

The knot logo is inspired by a heart shape considered as a symbol of love where the detail of the cord reflects the strength of unity. 

In each collection, the integration of all these universal values as the soul of the brand is the essence of it.

Why 12knots?

The use of this number means in many interpretations: beginning, sequence and union. It relates to the mystical concepts that many cultures and popular beliefs share. It is also related to how people (we/us), are connected by the number 12 trough months, hours and some other cultural faiths.

the designer

A little bit about her

Gretel Lara was born in Mexico city surrounded by traditions, festivities and colorful handcrafts. Her admiration for the Mexican artisans and the popular arts around the world has had a remarkable influence on the creation of her collections.

On each design, Gretel collects refined and colorful elements combined with ethnic and contemporary forms to create unique pieces, incorporating the traditional techniques with the new trends.

Ethically sourced is an essential process in her material selection.

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