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Gretel Lara, Founder.

Connecting with designers working ethically and collectively focus on sustainable projects is essential for brands who share the same values…

It is all about sharing spaces, moments and the knowledge to grow up together.

In 2010, Paulien Wesselink founder of O’MYBAG, wanted to set up a social enterprise in India that would not only become profitable but also give back by approaching sustainable business with dozens of diverse producers. Pauline’s spirit constantly inspires many others to grow up as a community where her vision stimulates individuals, groups and brands around the globe.

Noumenon has been founded in 2016 by Dena Simaite with the idea to combine ethics with aesthetics. Collaborating in the campaigns of Noumenon (a brand with strong values) honours 12knots jewelry jewelry by being part of the fashion world where Dena’s motto is: “Change the world, and look amazing while you do it.”


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